Three Chevrolet Models will be Getting Apple’s Siri Voice-Activated Infotainment

Early next year, General Motors will roll out a voice-activated infotainment technology system in three of its Chevrolet models. It’s an Apple iPhone technology called Siri, and it assists motorists in doing many expected activities in a new way. Siri integrates advanced voice-controlled in-car technologies that will upgrade routine tasks like playing music, switching radio stations, or selecting in a destination such as local business, store, or restaurant. Siri will be offered in the Chevrolet Sonic subcompact, Spark minicar, and the new 2014 Spark EV battery-powered car. Apple had introduced Siri on the latest version of its iPhone 4 series, and it’s a standard offering on all the new iPhone 5 models.

Cristi Landy, Chevrolet’s small car marketing director, says that Siri complements GM’s MyLink existing capabilities to help delivery great driving experiences through safe, easy, reliable, and portable connectivity. Siri will connect to MyLink in the Sonic and Spark models via those vehicles’ Bluetooth technology. Drivers will be able to activate Siri through a button on the steering wheel, which is similar to button many vehicles on the market already have to start up voice-activated systems.

As for an audience, the product will be targeted primarily to youthful, tech-savvy consumers. GM estimates that as many as 90% of their buyers have smartphones already. Siri could go over well and be added later on to other GM models. For example, GM has already decided to add a next-generation of its ChevyMyLink system to the upcoming redesign of its Impala. Siri is popular enough for other automakers to add the technology to their vehicle plans in the near future. Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota are reportedly working with Apple to add Siri to a few of their future products.



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