SolarCity Goes Public, Offers Sun-Power for EV Charging Stations

solar panel

If you’re selling plug-in electric vehicles at your dealership, keep in mind that some prospective customers are going to be interested in having solar panels installed on their houses to produce the electricity needed to charge the car. Certainly not that many of them, but for those serious about sustainability and green issues, they’re very interested in it (and that includes fleets and corporate customers). SolarCity has become the best known solar energy company in the US, and it just went public on the stock market. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been a key backer of the company, which saw its stock values do very well on the first day of trading – soaring 47%. Musk has done well with stock for his Tesla company – with shares opening at $17 in 2010 and more recently selling for about $35 a share.

SolarCity is working with Tesla on setting up solar-powered fast chargers for its Model S electric sedan; they’re called Tesla Supercharging stations and are being built along Interstate highways. The company has also been working with Ford Motor Co. on solar-powered charging for those shopping for electrified Ford models.



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