Ricky Beggs: This is a Season Like No Other

Auto Remarketing - December 11, 2012

Spring is coming early in the lanes, and wholesale prices are not in line with the season, says Black Book’s Ricky Beggs.

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“This level of strength is typically only seen in the March/April time of the year,” the managing editor Beggs said in his latest “Beggs on the Used Car Market” video report.

“Over the last couple of years many of us in the industry have said we are not in a normal market. This has referenced supplies, value trends that have seen both up and down movements and some of those trends do not match the more historical patterns,” Beggs continued, citing recent price increases as an example.

Delving into some of the aforementioned increases, this past week the compact SUVs and the full-size wagons spiked by $6 and $3, respectively, marking the only two truck segments to see raises in price this past week.

There were three other segments with very small declining levels, the mini cargo vans falling $4, the full-size cargo vans dropping $7 and the full-size pickups declining $10, Beggs also shared.



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