No ‘Fiscal Cliff’ for Automakers in November

The Detroit Bureau - December 3, 2012

While Octo­ber auto sales end­ed on a sour note, due to Hur­ri­cane Sandy, Novem­ber pro­vid­ed the head­winds for strong auto sales across the board.

Get more details on major automak­er Novem­ber sales.

Ana­lysts now esti­mate the indus­try could have gained as much as 100,000 sales last month that had been post­poned because of the mas­sive East Coast storm. And demand also appears to be pick­ing up as motorists race to replace vehi­cles dam­aged or destroyed dur­ing the dis­as­trous storm.

VW – which is get­ting ready to launch the new Bee­tle Con­vert­ible — had its best Novem­ber since 1973.

While Gen­er­al Motors report­ed a rel­a­tive­ly mod­est 3% increase for the month, Nissan’s lux­u­ry brand Infini­ti post­ed a 41.2% year-over-year gain. And Volk­swa­gen had its best Novem­ber since 1973. Oth­er gain­ers includ­ed Toy­ota, jump­ing 17.2%; Ford, up 6%; Chrysler pick­ing up 14% — with its Fiat brand jump­ing 123% — and the Nis­san brand up 9.8%.

Hyundai Motor Amer­i­ca post­ed record sales of 53,487 vehi­cles in Novem­ber, an 8% total sales increase com­pared with the same record-set­ting peri­od a year ago. Sales are also up 8% for the first eleven months of the year.



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