Offers Auto Shops and Consumers OBD Diagnostics and Convenient Apps

A new product is expected to roll out soon targeted to auto shops, allowing them to connect and get information from a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics computer to assist with diagnosing problems. is a small module with integrated cellular radio that plugs into a car, and also comes with a few smartphone applications. It’s also intended for consumers, as it integrates both a GPS and cellular radio to gather location information and for connectivity in real-time mode for data such as speed, fuel level, and more.’s developers are raising $100,000 in funding for the product launch. Early adopters of the product are encouraged to invest – one of the incentives is accessing the program for $89, which is a $60 savings over the expected retail price. Users will also be charged $7.99 per month to cover its cellular service. As for smartphone apps, the developers have a few in mind, such as notifying parents when another driver, such as a teen exceeds a pre-set speed limit; another app can check your calendar for appointment within the next hour and send text messages to meeting participants on your location and estimated arrival time.



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