How to Give Your Auto Dealership Sales Team a Prover­bial Push


By Marsh Buice

How to Give Sales Team Mem­bers a Push When They Need It

Main­tain­ing a pos­i­tive out­look is the hall­mark of good pro­fes­sion­als but when their out­look and expec­ta­tions start to fal­ter they lose their focus. Here are ten rea­sons why sales peo­ple might lose their edge.

1. You have no sense of urgency.

If tomor­rows always come, what use is today? There are no tomor­rows in the car busi­ness. Once your cus­tomers leave, you must believe they will nev­er come back. You have one shot to earn their busi­ness; your cus­tomers may have seen oth­er shows, but they haven’t seen yours. Give them a mem­o­rable show capped with a “fear of loss,” sus­pense­ful end­ing. If they don’t feel they’ll miss out, they will move on.

2. You aren’t catch­ing enough Ups.

Not catch­ing enough Ups leaves you with no mar­gin for error in your month; to reach your month­ly goal of deliv­ered cus­tomers, you will need at least 3x as many Ups.  P.S. when this plan doesn’t work, grab even more Ups—sounds crazy, but the num­bers will always turn back in your favor, if you faint not.

3. You are the Dear Abby.

You are an expert in giv­ing advice yet heed none of it. The best advice you can give anoth­er sales­per­son is to lead by exam­ple. Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine.

4. You are edu­cat­ing and not moti­vat­ing.

Your cus­tomers are not inter­ested in your expert opin­ion of why there is no chance of their ide­al­is­tic plan of buy­ing a vehi­cle work­ing. Instead, dis­cover your customer’s trans­porta­tion dilem­ma and then moti­vate them by show­ing how your prod­uct will solve their prob­lem. Your cus­tomers have plen­ty of Why Not’s–give them a rea­son Why.

5. Your cus­tomers don’t like you.

There are no kiosks out on the black­top; if stats and facts sold cars, you and I would be stock­ing shelves some­where. Become inter­est­ing by being inter­ested [in your cus­tomers.] Get your cus­tomers to open up by learn­ing how to L.O.V.E. them.  Dis­cover your customer’s Likes, Occu­pa­tion, Val­ues (i.e. civic groups), and Endorse­ments (their friends who are your sold cus­tomers are killer 3rd par­ty endorse­ments). Cus­tomers don’t have to like your pro­fes­sion, but they’ve got to love you. Cus­tomers buy you as much as they buy the prod­uct you rep­re­sent.

Read the entire arti­cle by Marsh Buice,Sales Man­ager at Mark Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Lake Charles, LA  He is also a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to the net­work.



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