Holidays Seem to Bring Out More Than ‘Shoppers’ - December 18, 2012

Sta­tis­tics roll in every year on how many trick-or-treaters, hol­i­day shop­pers and the like; but we also find out the num­ber of hol­i­day vehi­cle thefts.

Check out the num­bers for 2011 as 2012 rolls to a close.

In 2011, more than trick-or-treaters were active on Hal­loween as that was the busiest unof­fi­cial hol­i­day for report­ed vehi­cle thefts.

New Year’s Day, how­ev­er, is still the busiest offi­cial hol­i­day accord­ing to analy­sis of Nation­al Crime Infor­ma­tion Cen­ter (NCIC) vehi­cle theft data by the Nation­al Insur­ance Crime Bureau (NICB). Christ­mas Day holds the dual dis­tinc­tion for hav­ing the low­est theft fig­ure for a hol­i­day and the low­est report­ed vehi­cle thefts of any day in 2011—1,347.

Exclud­ing Christ­mas Day, Feb­ru­ary 2—Groundhog Day—post­ed the fewest vehi­cle thefts (1,491) of any oth­er date in the year. The most active date for vehi­cle thefts was August 1 with 2,687 report­ed thefts.

For the 11 hol­i­days reviewed in 2011, a total of 20,800 vehi­cles were report­ed stolen com­pared with a total of 22,991 report­ed for those same days in 2010.



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