Good News for Dealers This December


NBC News - December 17, 2012

December is the best month to purchase that new car, according to Jesse Toprak, chief auto analyst for the data tracking firm

Find out why dealers should be taking Toprak’s advice.

“This will be the highest discount period,” contends Toprak….

There are, however, a number of reasons why December is a great month for those who can swing a deal on top of the rest of their Christmas and Chanukah shopping.  For one thing, most shoppers are focused on other matters, whether a necktie for dad, some perfume for mom, or toys for the tots.  Showrooms can be downright lonely places this time of year but dealers still have their own bills to meet – and gifts to buy – so they’re often in a mood to do what it takes to get you to buy.

Like your local dealer, manufacturers have bills to pay and factories to keep running, so they’re often in a mood to make potential buyers happy when demand might otherwise be low.



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