GM Hopes to Create ‘Trucking’ Boom

NBC News - December 18, 2012

Gone are the days when urban cowboys routinely parked full-size pickups in driveways of their suburban homes…or are they really gone?

GM has big hopes for its full-size pickups down the road.

Time has been working against the industry giant in recent months, sales sliding precipitously for the outgoing models – the oldest of the domestic full-size trucks.  But with signs of an improving economy further buoyed by the latest housing data, GM officials are confident the new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models will hit the street at a perfect time to ride that rebound.

“There is nothing more core to our business than trucks,” noted Mark Reuss, president of GM’s U.S. operations, during a preview of the two trucks at a movie soundstage in the Detroit suburbs. “And we think we’re timing this very well.”

A first look reveals that the Detroit maker has made a significant evolutionary update in the look of the two trucks.  If anything, the most significant revision has been the decision to further differentiate the Chevrolet and Silverado models which have long been faulted for being largely badge-engineered products.



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