First U.S. Chevy Volt Owner Has a Story to Tell

Green Car Reports - December 14, 2012

Two years ago, Jeff Kaffee, a retired pilot, took possession of his keys and became the very first person in the U.S. to buy a Chevrolet Volt.

Find out what the journey has been like since.

Since then, the retired pilot from Parsippany, New Jersey, has put almost 12,000 miles on his range-extended electric car–using just 26.1 gallons of gasoline while doing so.

That works out to a lifetime average of about 460 mpg, since most of those miles were covered on grid electricity.

That’s lower than the average distance covered by most cars but Kaffee notes that he spends up to half the year in Florida and can fly free–so he does few long-distance road trips.

Generally speaking, Kaffee says most of his daily travels fall within the electric range of his 2011 Volt.

He pegs that at 38 to 40 miles in the summer, and 30 to 35 miles in colder months, but notes that owners of 2013 Volts have reported higher ranges due to the slightly larger battery pack.

Kaffee says he mostly plugs in his Volt at home, and doesn’t make any effort to locate or seek out public charging stations.

His only disappointment with the Volt, he said, was that public charging infrastructure on the East Coast is relatively less developed than in other regions, particularly the West Coast.



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