Drivers Offered Simple Solutions for a Better Year for their Cars

Oil change

Man­ny, Moe & Jack is offer­ing dri­vers five sim­ple New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions to bet­ter care for their cars:

1. Keep Your Car Healthy: In many cas­es, dri­ving with “check engine” or “ser­vice engine soon” light will cause the vehicle’s com­put­er to attempt to com­pen­sate for the prob­lem, great­ly reduc­ing fuel effi­cien­cy.
2. Look Your Best: Main­tain and pro­tect your car’s appear­ance by wash­ing and wax­ing your vehicle’s exte­ri­or on a reg­u­lar basis with high-qual­i­ty car care prod­ucts.
3. See Clear­er: Replace worn or dam­aged wiper blades at the first sign of wear to ensure you always have a clear view of what’s ahead.
4. Be Smarter: Pep Boys wants dri­vers to know the impor­tance of tires and rec­om­mends that dri­vers inspect their tires reg­u­lar­ly for prop­er tire pres­sure and tread wear – and offers free tire pres­sure checks and inspec­tions at all loca­tions year-round.
5. Shed Those Extra Pounds: Accord­ing to the US Depart­ment of Ener­gy, your vehicle’s fuel effi­cien­cy is reduced by 1–2% on aver­age for every 100 lbs. of addi­tion­al weight, which equates to pay­ing as much as 10 cents more per gal­lon of gas.



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