Toyota is Working on Safety-Smart Systems


Detroit News - November 13, 2012

Toy­ota Motor Corp. is test­ing car safety sys­tems that allow vehi­cles to com­mu­ni­cate with each other and with the roads.

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In a test drive for reporters, the pres­ence of a pedes­trian trig­gered a beep­ing sound in the car and a pic­ture of a per­son popped up on a screen in front of the dri­ver. A pic­ture of an arrow popped up to indi­cate an approach­ing car at an inter­sec­tion. An elec­tronic female voice said, “It’s a red light,” if the dri­ver was about to ignore a red light.

Toy­ota also showed a new fea­ture that helps the dri­ver brake harder to pre­vent bump­ing into the vehi­cle in front.

Toy­ota said the tech­nol­ogy will be avail­able “soon,” with­out giv­ing a date, and hinted it will be offered for Lexus lux­ury mod­els.