Tips for Auto Dealerships Using Facebook Paid Ads


By Ali Amirrezvani

Facebook has been working hard to come up with a reliant, profitable revenue stream for a while now, and part of that effort is their Paid Ad program.  For dealerships that use them well, paid ads on Facebook can be a great addition to your dealership’s online marketing program.

Here are some tips:

• Target Well: Users provide so much personal information to Facebook that it is a great way to drill down to find the right people to show your ads to.  Facebook allows you to target by Interest, Family Status, Activities, Workplaces, etc. This allows your dealership to target users more specifically.

• Grab Attention: Since most people aren’t coming to Facebook to view ads, it’s important that they are designed to be noticed.  Try a colored border, a bold, eye-catching design, and always include a call to action – you could even put this call to action in the image, but try to keep it under four words to avoid taking over the entire image.

• Vary Ads: Users that see your ads often may start to tune them out, so freshen them up.  Try changing the colors/thickness of the border, changing the image completely, or if you’re using text on the image, change the message used.

If your dealership isn’t advertising on Facebook, talk to your online marketing provider if you need help getting started.  It can be very effective when done correctly, so take these tips into consideration, and start testing Facebook Paid Ads.

Ali Amirrezvani is CEO for DealerOn, Inc.. To get in touch with him, you can complete the contact form.



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