Tips for Auto Dealerships Using Facebook Paid Ads


By Ali Amirrezvani

Face­book has been work­ing hard to come up with a reliant, prof­itable rev­enue stream for a while now, and part of that effort is their Paid Ad pro­gram.  For deal­er­ships that use them well, paid ads on Face­book can be a great addi­tion to your dealership’s online mar­ket­ing pro­gram.

Here are some tips:

• Tar­get Well: Users pro­vide so much per­son­al infor­ma­tion to Face­book that it is a great way to drill down to find the right peo­ple to show your ads to.  Face­book allows you to tar­get by Inter­est, Fam­i­ly Sta­tus, Activ­i­ties, Work­places, etc. This allows your deal­er­ship to tar­get users more specif­i­cal­ly.

• Grab Atten­tion: Since most peo­ple aren’t com­ing to Face­book to view ads, it’s impor­tant that they are designed to be noticed.  Try a col­ored bor­der, a bold, eye-catch­ing design, and always include a call to action — you could even put this call to action in the image, but try to keep it under four words to avoid tak­ing over the entire image.

• Vary Ads: Users that see your ads often may start to tune them out, so fresh­en them up.  Try chang­ing the colors/thickness of the bor­der, chang­ing the image com­plete­ly, or if you’re using text on the image, change the mes­sage used.

If your deal­er­ship isn’t adver­tis­ing on Face­book, talk to your online mar­ket­ing provider if you need help get­ting start­ed.  It can be very effec­tive when done cor­rect­ly, so take these tips into con­sid­er­a­tion, and start test­ing Face­book Paid Ads.

Ali Amir­rez­vani is CEO for Deal­erOn, Inc.. To get in touch with him, you can com­plete the con­tact form.



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