JuicedHybrid Offers Comprehensive Hybrid Parts and Accessories

In 2013, the hybrid industry is expected to introduce more than 20 new makes and models of hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles to the market. JuicedHybrid is equipped to keep pace with these new automobiles by continually creating and adding new parts and accessories for each model as they are introduced. Specifically, within 45 days of Toyota’s launch of their brand new 2012 Prius V, JuicedHybrid had already created 16 categories of accessories for the new model.

A leading online retailer in the hybrid industry, JuicedHybrid, is determined to change the tame perception of hybrids by offering a unique selection of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicle accessories to provide unique, customized style and increased performance. Successfully doubling in sales over the past 12 months, JuicedHybrid’s dedication to the environment and passion for hybrid automobiles enables consumers to stylishly reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to enjoy the lower fuel costs associated with hybrid vehicles.

JuicedHybrid currently carries over 3,500 products for more than 35 models of Hybrids and Electric Vehicles. As a start-up company in its 4th year of operation, JuicedHybrid occupies a 10,000 square foot facility in Redwood City, CA and works with a network of warehouses and manufacturers in the United States to ship products to Hybrid owners using an extremely streamlined supply chain.



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