Hyundai Bringing CNG-Fueled Buses and Trucks to Mexico Fleets


Fleets & Fuels - November 26, 2012

Hyundai dis­played at the NGV Global 2012 in Mex­ico City ear­lier this month, show­ing a low-entry Super Aero City tran­sit bus with 11.1-liter C6AE engine and an HD120 urban deliv­ery vehi­cle with 6-liter C6GA engine, both fueled solely by com­pressed nat­ural gas. The Mex­ico City tran­sit agency RTP oper­ates 30 of Hyundai’s Super Aero City tran­sit buses on CNG, while the Mex­i­can food com­pany Jumex oper­ates a CNG-fueled Hyundai HD120 truck.