Ford’s New People Mover Exudes Versatility

CNBC - November 13, 2012

Ford intro­duces the com­pact Tran­sit Con­nect Wag­on, a vehi­cle so unique it is con­sid­ered a rev­o­lu­tion in sev­en-pas­sen­ger trans­porta­tion.

Find out what makes this vehi­cle unique.

Tran­sit Con­nect Wag­on gives young fam­i­lies and peo­ple on the go the fun-to-dri­ve and effi­cient vehi­cle they’ve been look­ing for,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s Pres­i­dent of The Amer­i­c­as. “It’s an all-new, small­er sev­en-seater that has bet­ter mileage than larg­er vans and cre­ates a seg­ment of its own. Cus­tomers also will love the unique com­bi­na­tion of style, adapt­abil­i­ty and afford­abil­i­ty this wag­on brings.”

  • Tran­sit Con­nect Wag­on expect­ed to deliv­er at least 5 mpg bet­ter fuel econ­o­my on the high­way and 2 mpg bet­ter in the city than a sev­en-seat Toy­ota Sien­na mini­van, and more car­go space and pas­sen­ger seat­ing than Mazda5, yet hauls a heav­ier pay­load than a Toy­ota Taco­ma Dou­ble Cab pick­up or Dodge Grand Car­a­van.
  • Antic­i­pat­ing up to 30 mpg-plus on the high­way with Eco­Boost® pow­er, Tran­sit Con­nect Wag­on offers a choice of two fuel-effi­cient four-cylin­der engines, two wheel­base lengths and three series mod­els – XL, XLT and range-top­ping Tita­ni­um.


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