Consumers Hold Key to Meeting 2025 Fuel Standards

Detroit Free Press - November 17, 2012

Engineering experts at one supplier say the government’s 2025 fuel standards are “possible” but it will require the cooperation of the buying public.

What do the experts at Ricardo have in mind?

Meeting the government’s aggressive fuel economy standards by 2025 will require a combination of technologies that exist today, assuming they continue to evolve, engineering experts at supplier Ricardo [Van Buren Twp, MI] say.

But much of it will depend on consumers. They must migrate to smaller vehicles in greater numbers, says the team at Ricardo.

For example, consumers aren’t embracing plug-in vehicles yet, but the popularity of non-rechargeable gas-electric hybrids is growing.

By 2020, electric vehicles will still be less than 2% of the market, growing to 5% in 2030 and 10% in 2040, said Shaun Mepham, technical director for drivelines and transmissions.



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