VW’s new SUV to be Built in U.S.


The Detroit News - October 25, 2012

Volk­swa­gen AG expects to build an all-new SUV in the U.S. designed for Amer­i­can cus­tomers after the suc­cess of the new Pas­sat sedan.

Its new SUV would be big­ger than the $22,995 Tiguan SUV, small­er than the $43,000-plus Touareg, but tech­ni­cal­ly sim­pler than those vehi­cles and more afford­able.

The Wolfs­burg, Ger­many-based automak­er is like­ly to build it in Chat­tanooga, Tenn., where it pro­duces the Pas­sat.

VW expects to restore its U.S. oper­a­tions to prof­it in 2013, as part of an objec­tive to be the world’s lead­ing automak­er by 2018.



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