Toyota to Add 2nd iQ to U.S. Market


The Detroit Bureau - October 17, 2012

Toy­ota plans to add a sec­ond battery-electric vehi­cle to its U.S. line-up, a lithium-ion-powered ver­sion of its Scion iQ, but with reser­va­tions and over­rid­ing limitations.

Find out what Toy­ota has in mind.

…plans for the new green machine under­score the Japan­ese giant’s con­tin­ued skep­ti­cism about the near to mid-term poten­tial of battery-electric propulsion.

As with the Toy­ota RAV4-EV intro­duced ear­lier this year, the Scion iQ will be pro­duced in rel­a­tively low num­bers – and it will be tar­geted at cam­pus and urban car-sharing pro­grams rather than being sold directly to con­sumers, the maker reveals.