Rattner: Auto Industry Should Regulate Itself

Detroit News

Justin Rattner, Intel Corp. chief technical officer, wants the auto industry to regulate itself rather than wait for government to come in and regulate, when it comes to technology.

Read what Rattner says at the SAE Conference in Detroit.

“It’s almost a tradition in high-tech that the industry is better off regulating itself than it is waiting for the government to come in and regulate,” Intel Corp. chief technical officer Justin Rattner told The Detroit News.

Automakers must first work together, he said, and with non-automotive firms, to deal with key issues relating to advanced technologies that include standardization and legal plausibility.

Once automakers agree to a set of standards, say for instance, regarding self-driving vehicles, it will be much easier for both automakers and regulators, who if tasked with coming up with their own regulatory standards, would likely “inhibit innovation,” Rattner said.



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