New VW Products Could Revolutionize the Industry

The Detroit Bureau - October 16, 2012

Every so often, a product comes along that transforms the auto industry.  Henry Ford’s Model T was one example. So was the original Volkswagen Beetle.

Find out what big changes VW now has in mind.

…the real breakthrough comes in the way the newest Beetle – and virtually everything else that will now be developed by the German automotive giant – is being designed and manufactured.

Going forward, any model using the new MQB platform — from the little Polo to the big Passat — could roll down the same VWAG assembly line.

If the project proves “stable,” in the words of VW’s technology czar [Ulrich Hackenberg, VW Board Member in Charge of Technology], it could yield a 30% reduction in the cost of building the typical vehicle – while allowing the maker to add new models for surprisingly little investment – and in a fraction of the time it normally takes to bring a vehicle to market.



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