New Car-Shopping Comparison Tool from TCS


PR Newswire - October 9, 2012

Total Car Score launches a new one-stop com­par­i­son tool that ranks the new 2013 cars, trucks, vans and crossovers in real-time based on their scor­ing from author­i­ta­tive experts.

Find out which are the best new cars for 2013.

The Best New Cars page serves car shop­pers and auto enthu­si­asts alike as a con­tin­u­ously updated ref­er­ence for com­par­ing the over­all qual­ity and desir­abil­ity of the newest mod­els, begin­ning with 2013 vehi­cles. The rank­ings span every brand, make and model, cre­at­ing a diverse list that will pro­vide vis­i­tors with an up-to-the-minute update of which vehi­cles are reign­ing supreme across indus­try reviews and rank­ings, fuel effi­ciency rat­ings and safety.

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