Honda Sees Surge in Global Markets

Bloomberg News - October 12, 2012

Inter­viewed in his Tokyo office, Hon­da Motor Co. Pres­i­dent Takanobu Ito fore­casts growth over the next two to three years, look­ing at record sales this year.

Find out which mod­el is set to soar glob­al­ly.

Ito’s focus on the Fit, a vehi­cle no big­ger than [the Toy­ota] Prius, illus­trates Honda’s expec­ta­tions for glob­al demand to increas­ing­ly tilt toward small­er autos in the next five years as fuel prices rise.

Hon­da, fore­cast­ing to sell a record 4.3 mil­lion vehi­cles this fis­cal year, is plan­ning world­wide roll­outs of new Fit vehi­cles, includ­ing a sedan and com­pact sport-util­i­ty vehi­cle, from next year, said Ito, who’s led the com­pa­ny since 2009.



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