EV Sales Facing Uphill Battle

Detroit News - October 18, 2012

The A123 Sys­tems (bat­tery mak­er) fail­ure is just one red flag on the path to decline in the elec­tric car mar­ket as car mak­ers see poor sales despite high­er gas prices.

Find out where EV sales stand and the future out­look.

After years of promis­es that elec­tric cars would end the nation’s reliance on import­ed oil, the bad news has been steady in recent weeks, with reports of lag­ging sales and projects being pushed back.

Electrics remain far more expen­sive than gaso­line-pow­ered vehi­cles, despite hefty gov­ern­ment tax cred­its.

Ford Motor Co., which builds the Focus Elec­tric in Wayne, sold just 228 through Sep­tem­ber.

For the year, Nis­san has sold 5,212 Leafs, down 27.8 per­cent from this time a year ago. GM has offered hefty incen­tives on the Volt, which has helped boost sales, while Nis­san has recent­ly begun offer­ing some incen­tives on the Leaf.



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