EV Sales Facing Uphill Battle

Detroit News - October 18, 2012

The A123 Systems (battery maker) failure is just one red flag on the path to decline in the electric car market as car makers see poor sales despite higher gas prices.

Find out where EV sales stand and the future outlook.

After years of promises that electric cars would end the nation’s reliance on imported oil, the bad news has been steady in recent weeks, with reports of lagging sales and projects being pushed back.

Electrics remain far more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles, despite hefty government tax credits.

Ford Motor Co., which builds the Focus Electric in Wayne, sold just 228 through September.

For the year, Nissan has sold 5,212 Leafs, down 27.8 percent from this time a year ago. GM has offered hefty incentives on the Volt, which has helped boost sales, while Nissan has recently begun offering some incentives on the Leaf.



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