Do You Practice What You Preach?

Trevor Wilson

By Trevor Wilson

What happened to customer service? In the grand old days we used to carry the groceries out to the car. We used to pump the gas. We have become a “quick and dirty” society when it comes to customer service. Let’s get them in and then get them out!

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. How many times have you gone to a business and seen their mission statement. It talks about how their customers are paramount and they are why they are there. Yet the counter is a mess and the sales staff is nowhere to be seen. Do we want to be that business?

We don’t need empty words. We need action, action, action!

There is a quick way to resolve this and not get caught in that trap. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

What we need is a defined customer experience. That experience will spell out exactly what your customer is to expect when they come into your dealership — exceptional service. Now the key to this is when that customer comes through, we actually give them exactly what we told them we would give them. We want to go above and beyond. Having that experience as a dealership-wide marching order causes excitement and loyalty from your customer base.

How many times have you driven that extra few miles, or paid an extra few dollars, to a business that offered that high level of customer service through an exceptional customer experience? When you really think about it, it is probably more often that you realize. We value an exceptional customer experience just as much as our customers do.

Your customer experience has far reaching effects on your business. When you support a dealership with a strong customer experience you see happy customers. Even those that you could not get financed are happy. How strong is it to have a customer relay this message, “Even though I could get financed at Dealership A, I had a great experience and will recommend it to friends/family”?

Your reputation grows as these happy customers are rushing to Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, DealerRater, Insider Pages, etc. to leave a review.

Something that costs you so little financially brings great rewards in the end. Customer service and the customer experience is the true key to fighting the objections. Play offense instead of defense and always be ahead in the game.

Trevor Wilson, Director of Operations, KainAutomotive, can be reached at Read the full article here.



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