Dealers: Make Note of Recent Car Shopping Trends

Jumpstart Automotive Group - October 3, 2012

Jumpstart Automotive Group releases highlights of its latest “Online Car Shopping Trends Report,” indicating current and future trends in buyer interest.

Find out which models score highest with shoppers.

Sedans, SUVs and Crossovers are the most popular vehicle segments across Jumpstart’s network of sites, capturing approximately 36 percent, 19 percent and 11 percent share of shoppers respectively

Ford dominates brand interest among online shoppers at 14.8 percent – the largest ever attained across Jumpstart’s audience – followed by Chevy at 9.9 percent and Toyota at 9.8 percent

Read the full article to learn more, including Libby Murad-Patel, Senior Director of Strategic Insights at Jumpstart with perceptions of future trends among online shoppers.




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