Consumers Let Loose on Their Favorite Car Colors


Detroit Free Press - October 10, 2012

When it comes to cars, con­sumers around the world who are offered a wide palette of col­ors con­tinue to choose white, accord­ing to an annual sur­vey by paint sup­plier PPG Indus­tries.

Find out what the 2012 PPG Indus­tries sur­vey shows.

More Details: White, by a whisker

Con­sumers still pre­fer white cars, the 2012 PPG Indus­tries sur­vey shows.

Here is how the col­ors broke down:

White: 22%

Sil­ver: 20%

Black: 19%

Gray: 12%

Red: 9%

Nat­ural: 8%

Blue: 7%

Green: 2%

Other col­ors: 1%