California Governor Seeks to Ease Gas Crunch


Bloomberg News - October 7, 2012

With gas prices ris­ing so high (near $5 per gal­lon) and very lit­tle avail­able, Cal­i­for­nia Gov­er­nor Jerry Brown issued an order over the week­end to ease the situation.

Find out what he did, and how it’s intended to help.

Cal­i­for­nia Gov­er­nor Jerry Brown told state reg­u­la­tors to imme­di­ately allow oil refiner­ies to make an early tran­si­tion to winter-blend gaso­line to help bring record prices at the pump under control.

Winter-blend gaso­line typ­i­cally isn’t sold until after Oct. 31. Reg­u­lar gaso­line in Cal­i­for­nia retailed at an aver­age $4.655 a gal­lon today, 22 per­cent higher than the national aver­age, accord­ing to AAA, the nation’s largest motor­ing organization.

Allow­ing an early tran­si­tion to winter-blend gaso­line may increase California’s fuel sup­ply by 8 per­cent to 10 per­cent with only a “neg­li­gi­ble” impact on air qual­ity, Brown said.