Bob Kostkan, Senior Director of NADA University Business Development


Our company mission is basically twofold: It is to educate dealers and dealership personnel with real world skills to increase profitability through knowledge and the use of current best practices; secondly, to assist other organizations who call on dealers to understand dealership operations from a dealer’s point of view. For example, OEM dealer contact personnel really need to understand what goes on within the four walls of the dealership so they can be more of a consultant to the dealer instead of a sales rep.

NADA University’s online platform was developed specifically to enable us to reach deeper into the dealership with the training and resources NADA provides. Previously, we were able to benefit a small percentage of dealerships and a small percentage of their personnel through in-person attendance at Academy, 20 Group, convention workshops and seminars. Now, with the online platform available to every employee of the dealership, 24/7, we’re able to reach many more people in helping dealerships perform at their best.

Our new online platform provides dealers with an unprecedented ability to train and track their employees through one source that includes the industry’s widest array of online courseware. Our system tracks the activity, training and testing by employee so the employee and the management team know exactly what’s been accomplished and can hold the employee accountable for the results. Between NADA and the NADA U Partner training, no one else has as much to offer in one location. Dealers can then build on that foundation with the Academy, 20 Group and custom training or in-dealership consultation programs we also provide.

NADA University provides dealers the most comprehensive suite of products and services available from one source to help improve their dealership performance. Academy provides the leadership development for GMs and successor candidates. 20 Group enables current leaders to improve their performance through peer-to-peer consulting. Learning Hub, the “classroom” of NADA U, delivers the individual training programs applicable to every department and every employee of the dealership – what they need, when they need it, conveniently online. Resource Toolbox, the “library” of NADA U includes the complimentary member benefits such as Driven Management Guides, MarketINSIGHT webinars, and NADAPerks job aids.

We also have an online training model for OEM personnel. For OEMs, this training is the perfect solution for any employees who call on dealers, new hires going to call on dealers, or corporate office staff who can’t get out to see what goes on in a dealership.

When it comes to current strategy, we communicate our offerings to our membership base, through our 20 Group meetings, our Academy programs, and at our NADA Convention. We also work with a lot of OEMs on custom training projects for helping both their dealers and their dealer contact personnel. Word of mouth travels fast when you have something good going on.



We won’t be satisfied until all NADA and ATD members have signed on to take advantage of the tremendous training and education resources available at no cost to them in Resource Toolbox and Learning Hub. We’re moving in that direction with the help of our aggressive marketing and PR efforts to “get the word out” about NADA U programs. We use just about all outreach means available, including print and web advertising, outbound telephone contacts, speaking appearances, event exhibiting and media relations. We also benefit from a great deal of positive “word of mouth” among dealers. There are several hundred dealers subscribing to the NADAvt premium content and finding great value – and performance results – in that all-inclusive package of courses, workshops and webinars. As a result, our member dealers and others in the industry are becoming increasingly aware that only one source – NADA U – can deliver hundreds of proven training and education programs covering all areas of the dealership operation to help them drive efficiency and profitability, as well as to stay compliant.

In addition to these efforts, we also know how important it is to keep our programs moving forward. So, we make it a top priority to constantly review and update NADA U’s premium content to provide the most current, practical and useful information and solutions available to help dealerships perform at their peak. An important part of that mission is listening to — and responding to — the input that we get from dealers and their state/metro associations, as well as keeping close track of fast-moving industry developments, to identify new training opportunities.

We’re all about helping dealerships to operate more efficiently, make money and stay compliant with the stream of complex legal and regulatory requirements facing them. And we’re energized every day to tell that story, because we know that NADA U is the top training and education resource available in our industry to help dealerships accomplish those goals.



Right before we launched NADA University in February of 2010 at the NADA Convention in Orlando, we put in the infrastructure to be the best training organization in the industry for helping our dealers. We put in an instructional design team, added more subject matter experts, and curriculum writers. Since then, our opportunities to help dealers, dealer groups, OEMs and allied industry companies have grown exponentially. Our main concern is that we deliver a superior educational experience at no sacrifice to the quality.



As the economy gets better, dealers and OEMs are recognizing that it is important to keep their employees motivated and satisfied – and training is one of those elements in keeping employees highly productive so they don’t leave their dealership or the industry. Professional development is critical for retaining them in the future and giving them a pride point to feel a part of that organization.



It’s great to be able to provide a vast assortment of outstanding timely and relevant solutions to help our dealers and their personnel to improve their productivity and efficiency. Leveraging all of our resources to help dealers and those who call on dealers is what it’s all about.

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