2013 Ford Focus ST is Focused on Affordability

Detroit Free Press - October 17, 2012

The 2013 Focus ST is the afford­able per­for­mance car many have been wait­ing for – and began sell­ing in the U.S. on August 21.

Find out how it’s doing and what Ford’s expec­ta­tions are.

The [2013 Ford Focus ST] went on sale Aug. 21 and has sold 750 as of this week with 73% of them top-trim lev­el ST3s, a $4,400 upgrade that includes heat­ed Recaro per­for­mance seats, said Seema Bard­waj, North Amer­i­ca ST brand man­ag­er.

The expec­ta­tion is the ST will account for about 4% of Focus sales in the U.S., Bard­waj said.

The 2013 mod­el has more pow­er but uses 25% less fuel than the out­go­ing Focus ST, which was only sold in Europe.



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