Young Buyers Look for Driving Appeal

Telematics Update - September 20, 2012

While getting a driver’s license was an important rite of passage for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, many younger consumers just aren’t that interested in driving.

Find out what’s driving the ‘appeal’ battle for future car buyers.

As John Waraniak, vice president of vehicle technology for the Specialty Equipment Market Association, says, “To kids, driving is the distraction.” Fun to them is not staring at the road; it’s consuming media and communicating with others.

For them, driving will get more fun, according to Praveen Chandrasekar, Frost & Sullivan’s telematics and infotainment program manager: “There will be more content, more apps, more cool stuff like user interfaces. Today’s younger generation isn’t bothered by engine technology. Entertainment and social networking are more important than engine options.”



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