Used Car Prices – Going Higher or Lower?

used2_car_prices2a - September 14, 2012

Used-car prices could fall 4–5 per­cent over the next 12 months, residual-values pre­dic­tor ALG said in its lat­est monthly report. CNW Mar­ket­ing Research sees a rise in used-car demand with fewer units available.

Find out why some think used-car prices will remain high.

Mike Hogan didn’t expect much for his trade-in, a 13-year-old stick-shift Sub­aru Forester SUV with 129,000 miles on the odome­ter. He’d have been happy with $1,500.

The dealer offered $2,750.

From 2008 to 2011, recession-wracked car shop­pers bought more than 19 mil­lion fewer vehi­cles than dur­ing the ear­lier 2000s. That, in turn, affected the num­ber of used cars on the road today, avail­able to used-car shop­pers like Hogan. [Read more]