Tire Buyers Seek Most Satisfying Brand


PR Newswire - September 18, 2012

A recently released AutoPacific Survey, which polled 25,000 tire buyers – the Replacement Tire Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study – indicates buyer preferences among tire manufacturers.

Find out which tire manufacturer came out on top.

Dealers take note: Michelin is the most satisfying tire brand for the second year in a row, according to AutoPacific’s Replacement Tire Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study, followed by Pirelli, Goodyear, Nitto and BF Goodrich.

Each tire buyer rated the importance of, and their satisfaction with, 23 different tire characteristics. Thirteen characteristics were used in the calculation of the Tire Satisfaction Scores, including: fuel efficiency, traction, handling, durability, ride comfort, appearance and reputation. Using these data, AutoPacific calculated the overall winner and the top-rated brand in each category.



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