Survey: Americans Want Fuel-Saving Vehicles


Detroit Free Press - September 13, 2012

More Amer­i­cans are will­ing to pay more for a vehi­cle that will save on fuel over time and are adjust­ing how they drive to make each drop of fuel go further.

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Of sur­vey respon­dents, 25% said they would buy a vehi­cle with hybrid tech­nol­ogy if they had $1,000 more to spend. The same per­cent­age of respon­dents would choose an energy-efficient appli­ance or solar pan­els. Most gasoline-electric vehi­cles that don’t require recharg­ing cost between $2,000 and $5,000 more than gas-engine ver­sions of the same model.

“As Amer­i­can con­sumers con­tinue to get greener, Ford is rapidly intro­duc­ing more fuel-saving tech­nolo­gies to expand the power of choice for lead­ing fuel econ­omy across our lineup,” said Raj Nair, Ford’s head of global prod­uct devel­op­ment.