Month of August ‘Cheery’ for Automakers

Bloomberg News

While Chrysler leads the sales gain for August, Ford, GM  and Toy­ota sales rose more than ana­lyst esti­mates for the month.

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Chrysler deliv­er­ies last month increased 14 per­cent. Ford sales rose 13 per­cent and GM’s climbed 10 per­cent. The automak­ers topped 10 ana­lysts’ aver­age esti­mates of 9.9 per­cent for Chrysler, 8.5 per­cent for Ford and 3 per­cent for GM. Toy­ota Motor deliv­er­ies surged 46 per­cent to also beat esti­mates.

Hon­da Motor, using incen­tives to deal­ers to help clear 2012 Accord sedans from their lots, may lead automak­ers in the U.S. with a 59 per­cent increase in deliv­er­ies for August, the aver­age esti­mate of sev­en ana­lysts sur­veyed by Bloomberg.




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