Higher Fuel Prices Push Mid-Size Sedan Sales


The Detroit Bureau - September 11, 2012

So-called “midrange” cars dom­i­nated the mar­ket dur­ing the first half of the year, accord­ing to a new study of vehi­cle reg­is­tra­tions by Exper­ian Auto­mo­tive.

Find out what impact ris­ing fuel prices have on auto­mo­tive sales.

[in sales] five of the top 10 vehi­cles were mid­size sedans, includ­ing not only Camry but the Ford Fusion and Nis­san Altima.  There also were two com­pact sedans and a com­pact SUV. [Read more]

Vehi­cle reg­is­tra­tions dur­ing the first half of the year rose 11.9%, noted Experian’s direc­tor of ana­lyt­ics, Jef­frey Ander­son, who called lower incen­tive rates and increased dealer incen­tives “great moti­va­tors” to get con­sumers back into show­rooms. But he also noted that, “higher gas prices and new model redesigns could be push­ing con­sumers to look at small to midrange cars, instead of the larger vehi­cle segments.”