GM Cites ‘Breakthrough’ in Cutting Vehicle Weight


Detroit Free Press - September 24, 2012

Gen­eral Motors plans to accel­er­ate its plan for replace­ment of steel in its prod­uct lineup, after researchers achieved what the com­pany described as a “break­through” in weld­ing technology.

GM looks to increase fuel sav­ings with break­through technology.

Gen­eral Motors plans to accel­er­ate the replace­ment of steel with aluminum….

GM hopes the tech­no­log­i­cal advance­ment will boost fuel econ­omy by mak­ing its vehi­cles lighter. Alu­minum is lighter than steel, mak­ing it an entic­ing alter­na­tive when it is not too expen­sive. But sev­eral hur­dles remain for alu­minum, includ­ing pro­duc­tion challenges.

GM believes it has solved one of those chal­lenges: the frus­trat­ing process of weld­ing alu­minum body panels.

GM has already used the tech­nol­ogy to use alu­minum in the hood of the Cadil­lac CTS-V sedan and the lift gate of Chevro­let Tahoe and GMC Yukon hybrids.