Five Things Successful Internet Departments Have in Common

Phil Dupree

13th Digital Dealer Conference

When it comes to Inter­net leads, we all know the met­rics we’re sup­posed to track and the best prac­tices we’re sup­posed to fol­low. So, why do some deal­er Inter­net depart­ments con­tin­u­al­ly out­per­form oth­ers? The answer lies with the inter­nal process­es in place with­in the deal­er­ship, the type of man­age­ment sup­port required, the staff involved—and more.

All the more rea­son to attend:

The 13th Dig­i­tal Deal­er® Con­fer­ence & Expo­si­tion
with Fea­tured Speak­er Phil DuPree
Octo­ber 23 -25 – Las Vegas, Neva­da

Why some Inter­net depart­ments con­tin­u­al­ly out­per­form oth­ers: an exam­i­na­tion of the inner work­ings of suc­cess­ful deal­er­ship Inter­net depart­ments and how to apply this knowl­edge to imme­di­ate­ly improve per­for­mance of your own Inter­net depart­ment.

Phil DuPree, pres­i­dent of AutoUSA Inter­net Sales Solu­tions and Josh Vaj­da, direc­tor of inside sales for AutoUSA, will define the bench­marks of suc­cess, then share the results of a sur­vey in which he’ll reveal the five things the most suc­cess­ful Inter­net depart­ments share in com­mon. Final­ly, Phil and Josh will talk about how to imple­ment these process­es in your deal­er­ship to imme­di­ate­ly improve per­for­mance. Phil DuPree and Josh Vaj­da are shar­ing their exper­tise with you.

What will you learn and what action items will you take back to the deal­er­ship?

  1. Learn the most impor­tant met­rics you need to track in order to deter­mine how suc­cess­ful your Inter­net mar­ket­ing depart­ment is.
  2. Learn the five things the most suc­cess­ful Inter­net depart­ments share in com­mon, as revealed from the results of AutoUSA’s recent sur­vey — includ­ing the process­es and inter­nal sup­port nec­es­sary to max­i­mize Inter­net prof­its.
  3. Learn how to imple­ment these process­es in your deal­er­ship, so you can imme­di­ate­ly start see­ing the ben­e­fits.

More results from our most recent sur­vey will be shared in our upcom­ing work­shop, the “Five Things in Com­mon Suc­cess­ful Inter­net Depart­ments Share,” at the Dig­i­tal Deal­er Con­fer­ence & Expo­si­tion in Las Vegas. For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it:



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