Five Things Successful Internet Departments Have in Common

Phil Dupree

13th Digital Dealer Conference

When it comes to Internet leads, we all know the metrics we’re supposed to track and the best practices we’re supposed to follow. So, why do some dealer Internet departments continually outperform others? The answer lies with the internal processes in place within the dealership, the type of management support required, the staff involved—and more.

All the more reason to attend:

The 13th Digital Dealer® Conference & Exposition
with Featured Speaker Phil DuPree
October 23 -25 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Why some Internet departments continually outperform others: an examination of the inner workings of successful dealership Internet departments and how to apply this knowledge to immediately improve performance of your own Internet department.

Phil DuPree, president of AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions and Josh Vajda, director of inside sales for AutoUSA, will define the benchmarks of success, then share the results of a survey in which he’ll reveal the five things the most successful Internet departments share in common. Finally, Phil and Josh will talk about how to implement these processes in your dealership to immediately improve performance. Phil DuPree and Josh Vajda are sharing their expertise with you.

What will you learn and what action items will you take back to the dealership?

  1. Learn the most important metrics you need to track in order to determine how successful your Internet marketing department is.
  2. Learn the five things the most successful Internet departments share in common, as revealed from the results of AutoUSA’s recent survey — including the processes and internal support necessary to maximize Internet profits.
  3. Learn how to implement these processes in your dealership, so you can immediately start seeing the benefits.

More results from our most recent survey will be shared in our upcoming workshop, the “Five Things in Common Successful Internet Departments Share,” at the Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas. For more information, visit:



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