Does California Really Need Driverless Cars? - August 30, 2012

Earlier this week, California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law legalizing driverless cars. has looked into the emergence of autonomous vehicles and makes some valid comments.

Read what Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell  says.

“The safety of automated vehicles will depend almost entirely on their ability to communicate with each other, which, in turn, will require a critical mass of these vehicles on the road” says Caldwell. “But even one human driver on a road full of a thousand automated vehicles can bring enough unpredictability to pose a threat of an accident to other vehicles at any time. And if a human driver stops short and is somehow rear-ended by an automated vehicle, then who is at fault? The passenger of that vehicle? The car’s manufacturer? The human driver in the first car? These are the types of issues that must be considered.”

Other material on the subject by John O’Dell can be read here.



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