Does California Really Need Driverless Cars?

caldwell_jessica_edmunds2a - August 30, 2012

Ear­lier this week, California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law legal­iz­ing dri­ver­less cars. has looked into the emer­gence of autonomous vehi­cles and makes some valid comments.

Read what Senior Ana­lyst Jes­sica Cald­well  says.

“The safety of auto­mated vehi­cles will depend almost entirely on their abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate with each other, which, in turn, will require a crit­i­cal mass of these vehi­cles on the road” says Cald­well. “But even one human dri­ver on a road full of a thou­sand auto­mated vehi­cles can bring enough unpre­dictabil­ity to pose a threat of an acci­dent to other vehi­cles at any time. And if a human dri­ver stops short and is some­how rear-ended by an auto­mated vehi­cle, then who is at fault? The pas­sen­ger of that vehi­cle? The car’s man­u­fac­turer? The human dri­ver in the first car? These are the types of issues that must be considered.”

Other mate­r­ial on the sub­ject by John O’Dell can be read here.