Dealers Struggle to Find Used Units

AutoRemarketing - September 4, 2012

An ever-increas­ing demand for used vehi­cles is met with a less-than-desir­able sup­ply, so deal­ers have had to employ inge­nious meth­ods for meet­ing their cus­tomers’ needs.

Check out strate­gies used by suc­cess­ful deal­er­ships.

Bill Jacobs BMW of Naperville, IL, launched its “Major Buy Back Event” on Fri­day and is look­ing to buy used BMW, Audi, Mer­cedes-Benz, Lexus and Infini­ti vehi­cles from con­sumers, and is will­ing to either pur­chase the cars out­right or as part of a trade-in for a new vehi­cle.

In its report, First­Look dis­cussed the suc­cess­es found by both Hen­drick BMW and Penske Hon­da (Indi­anapo­lis) in using the ser­vice lane as a used-car resource. “For the great­est suc­cess, both deal­er­ships feel there is a short win­dow of oppor­tu­ni­ty when cus­tomers will respond to an offer they hadn’t con­sid­ered when they arrived for ser­vice,” the com­pa­ny wrote in the report.



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