Beggs: Last Week’s Used Car Market Spiked

AutoRemarketing - September 18, 2012

Black Book’s Ricky Beg­gs con­tends there are two fac­tors that sparked the most active mar­ket edi­tors have seen in two months.

Find out what caused adjust­ed prices on 2,850+ vehi­cles.

First, Beg­gs not­ed, “Late mod­el vehi­cles, with even slight­ly edgy miles on the odome­ter, were just not get­ting any atten­tion.”

Next, Beg­gs men­tioned the oth­er rea­son for the change in whole­sale mar­ket activ­i­ty “Even though there were plen­ty of no sales in most lanes, if a tru­ly clean con­di­tion car was cross­ing the block, the buy­ers would sud­den­ly appear,” Beg­gs shared.



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