Art Spinella Thinks Independent Dealers Will Do Very Well in Fourth Quarter

CNW Research’s Art Spinel­la says that you can expect con­tin­ued strong show­ings for inde­pen­dent deal­ers over com­ing quar­ter even though there was slight weed­ing-out process over sum­mer elim­i­nat­ing some weak­er indies.

There are two mar­ket forces dic­tat­ing where inde­pen­dent deal­ers are head­ing. What are they?…

Even though things are get­ting bet­ter, CNW Research expects the loss of how many used car out­lets by year’s end?

What are used car inten­ders doing more of late­ly that will affect used car val­ues?…

Read more about this, and con­cerns Spinel­la has about a jump in com­mer­cial fleet orders dur­ing August, by click­ing here…



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