Which Model do Prius Hybrid Buyers Prefer?

Toyota Prius c

Green Car Reports - August 15, 2012

Even though other estab­lished Prius hybrid mod­els have been around for some time, cur­rent Prius buy­ers are pick­ing the new kid on the block. Yes, that would be a Prius compact.

Can you fig­ure out what model buy­ers are grav­i­tat­ing toward?

Around $5,000 cheaper than the 2012 Prius Lift­back, the [Prius C] offers the same 50 mpg com­bined as its larger sib­ling, but why are some car buy­ers choos­ing it over the larger, more estab­lished model?

At the top of the list are three sim­ple facts: The Prius C is cheaper, offers a bet­ter ride, and is far more con­ven­tional than the geekier liftback.