What Lead Sources Are Right for Your Dealership?

By Stephen Jackson

Dealers today have many different ways to collect customer information, but most just don’t have the sales force necessary to keep up with all of them! Unqualified leads can waste a salesperson’s time, drain internal resources, and mess with your marketing data. Let’s  focus our efforts on leads that have the highest closing ratio.

  • Determine which lead sources have the highest closing rates: You’ll need to prioritize the sources you are currently using. Leads from your own website are inherently more valuable than those given by third-party listing sites. Chase down and qualify the leads coming in from your website – they’re going to be the most valuable, and the most likely to buy.
  • Try out a lead scoring system: When you can’t determine lead source priority by yourself, consider using a lead scoring system (such as those powered by Polk), which use predictive modeling to rank leads on a 1 to 10 scale so that dealership sales personnel can provide the correct follow up in the appropriate time period. Lead scoring tools allow you to assign “points” for various demographics and behaviors, and help you discover which leads are most likely to buy.
  • Ensure that your dealership is staffed to handle incoming leads: You’ll need a sales team that can adequately follow up with them. Try to partition the workload by assigning a few sales reps to focus exclusively on Internet leads.

Stephen Jackson, a Social Media Specialist, can be reached at info@activengage.com.



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