Toyota Has Big Plans for 2015

Detroit Free Press - August 7, 2012

Toy­ota wants to be the clear leader in a tech­nol­o­gy most oth­er automak­ers see as being about 10 years from mar­ket-ready. After all, Toy­ota became a hybrid leader and con­tin­ues its suc­cess today with 4 mod­els under the Prius brand.

What is Toy­ota ready­ing for mar­ket? What do oth­er automak­ers say?

Toy­ota is stick­ing to its timetable of sell­ing a fuel cell sedan in three years, said Justin Ward, advanced pow­er­train pro­gram man­ag­er at the Toy­ota Tech­ni­cal Cen­ter in Ann Arbor.

Exec­u­tives from Ford, Gen­er­al Motors, Chrysler and Volk­swa­gen see fuel cell vehi­cles as being fur­ther out and most have not said when they will have vehi­cles on the mar­ket.



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