New-Vehicle Sales Increase at Expense of Used Cars

Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Mar­ket Ana­lyst of Auto­mo­tive Insights
Kel­ley Blue Book

Click here for Analy­sis of New and Used Car Sales

New and used pric­ing gap tight­en­ing; Used sub­com­pact and com­pact cars only offer con­sumers an aver­age sav­ings between 5% to 7%, while used hybrid cars and mid-size crossovers are with­in 3% to 4% of an equiv­a­lent new vehi­cle.

How New Vehi­cles Can­ni­bal­iz­ing Used Vehi­cles in Sales:
Incen­tives and low­er finance APRs on new, used-car val­ues remain near all-time peak.

KBB See­ing Traf­fic Increase in Car-Shop­ping:
Has been 5 per­cent­age point shift in new car-shop­per activ­i­ty since Jan­u­ary.

New Vehi­cle Sales and Used Vehi­cle Reg­is­tra­tions See­ing Sim­i­lar Pat­tern:
New up 9% in July, Used down 4% to 5% year-over-year from March through May.



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