New Ford Fusion Will be Outer Space-Ready


AutoBlog - August 20, 2012

Ford says the 2.0-liter Eco­boost® engine on the 2013 Ford Fusion is com­pa­ra­ble to the space shut­tle, since it uses some of the same mate­ri­als used in the shut­tle and has high tem­per­a­ture endurance.

Check out the facts and fig­ures before the Ford Fusion goes on sale.

All this and the Fusion gets much bet­ter mileage!

  • Mod­i­fied super­al­loy used in Space Shut­tle main engine helps per­for­mance and dura­bil­ity of Ford Fusion 2.0-liter Eco­Boost® turbo
  • Mate­r­ial sup­ports upper limit of tem­per­a­ture extremes for com­mer­cial tur­bocharg­ers; used on Fusion and Focus ST Eco­Boost turbos
  • Inte­grated exhaust man­i­fold cast­ing com­bines cylin­der head with exhaust man­i­fold to aid cool­ing, direct more energy to the turbo faster