Most Diesel Passenger Vehicles Not as Cost Effective as Gasoline, Vincentric Says


Diesel-engine passenger vehicles have become much more popular with U.S. drivers than ever. Vincentric has found out that there are concerns about the cost-effective choices with diesels…

• Vincentric 2012 Diesel Analysis determined that of 23 diesels measured, only eight had total cost-of-ownership that was lower than their all-gasoline powered counterparts, despite lower fuel costs for all of the diesels.
The eight vehicles: all five Mercedes-Benz Diesel models, Audi A3 Diesel, Ford F350 Diesel pickup, and the Volkswagen Touareg Diesel.
• When all costs to own and operate a diesel were taken into account, the average cost-of-ownership for diesels was $1,203 more than their all-gasoline powered counterparts, with results assuming an annual mileage of 15,000 over five years.
Low fuel costs on these highly-fuel efficient diesel vehicles, environmental benefits, and other potential savings make diesel technology an attractive option, but the Vincentric study shows low ownership costs and associated cost savings are specific to the eight diesel vehicles.
• Vincentric periodically produces alternative fuel reports to help users understand and apply cost-of-ownership data in their purchasing decisions, the company said.



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