Honda Leads July Sales Rise


Detroit News - August 2, 2012

Japanese automakers once again posted big gains in July, with Honda up 45.3 percent, Toyota up 26.1 percent and Nissan up 16.2 percent. Chrysler increased sales by 12.6 percent. GM lost market share. The bright spot for GM was Cadillac.

Find out more about overall industry sales for July and Jessica Caldwell’s [Edmunds] analysis.

Overall industry sales totaled 1,153,682 in July, compared to 1,059,601 a year ago.

That translated into a seasonally adjusted annualized selling rate of just under 14.1 million units, versus 12.4 million units in July 2011. And [Jessica] Caldwell [Edmunds] said that was good news for all carmakers.



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