Ford Ranger Loyalists Make Decisive Move


Detroit News - August 20, 2012

Since Ford decided to discontinue producing the Ranger pickup in the U.S. Ford Ranger owners will have to make a decision when purchasing their next truck. Jesse Toprak of has some statistics on what the decision will be.

Will they buy another Ford truck or switch to a rival brand?

Ford Motor Co.’s decision to abandon the compact pickup truck segment in the U.S. has resulted in about half of Ranger pickup owners choosing to leave Ford for other automakers, according to automotive analysts.

“We do know that a good portion of would-be Ranger buyers are going to different brand,” said Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry analysis for “Ford may have been too optimistic in their assumption of how many Ranger buyers want to buy an F-150.


  • Ford would be wise to send Ranger owner a loyalty voucher or do a special trade in rebate on any Ranger.

  • Ralph Samorynot says:

    After many years in the auto business, several with Ford, my sense is that most people did not purchase this vehicle because it was a Ford, but because it was inexpensive to buy and maintain and may have been percieved to be easier on fuel.

  • Al Mesko says:

    Ford has missed the boat for several years on the Ranger anyway by not offering a TRUE 4 door version. Selling new trucks for the last 46 years (the last 13 with Ford), many buyers had already switched away from the RANGER because they wanted a TRUE 4 door compact truck with a full back seat. Is it because FORD doesn’t want to loose bragging rights about the F150 could be the reason we don’t have a smaller version that will sell???

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