Ford Ranger Loyalists Make Decisive Move


Detroit News - August 20, 2012

Since Ford decid­ed to dis­con­tin­ue pro­duc­ing the Ranger pick­up in the U.S. Ford Ranger own­ers will have to make a deci­sion when pur­chas­ing their next truck. Jesse Toprak of has some sta­tis­tics on what the deci­sion will be.

Will they buy anoth­er Ford truck or switch to a rival brand?

Ford Motor Co.‘s deci­sion to aban­don the com­pact pick­up truck seg­ment in the U.S. has result­ed in about half of Ranger pick­up own­ers choos­ing to leave Ford for oth­er automak­ers, accord­ing to auto­mo­tive ana­lysts.

“We do know that a good por­tion of would-be Ranger buy­ers are going to dif­fer­ent brand,” said Jesse Toprak, vice pres­i­dent of indus­try analy­sis for “Ford may have been too opti­mistic in their assump­tion of how many Ranger buy­ers want to buy an F-150.


  • Ford would be wise to send Ranger own­er a loy­al­ty vouch­er or do a spe­cial trade in rebate on any Ranger.

  • Ralph Samorynot says:

    After many years in the auto busi­ness, sev­er­al with Ford, my sense is that most peo­ple did not pur­chase this vehi­cle because it was a Ford, but because it was inex­pen­sive to buy and main­tain and may have been per­cieved to be eas­i­er on fuel.

  • Al Mesko says:

    Ford has missed the boat for sev­er­al years on the Ranger any­way by not offer­ing a TRUE 4 door ver­sion. Sell­ing new trucks for the last 46 years (the last 13 with Ford), many buy­ers had already switched away from the RANGER because they want­ed a TRUE 4 door com­pact truck with a full back seat. Is it because FORD doesn’t want to loose brag­ging rights about the F150 could be the rea­son we don’t have a small­er ver­sion that will sell???

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